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Posted by Wendy James on September 23, 2014 at 8:40 PM


All The Best Stories Start With, "I have a friend who..."

I have a friend, whom at the time of his confession, I had known 4 years. (This was in 1995) He had been a military MP in the states, after which, he was in school to be a minister. He is a down to earth man. Did not give much to my profession as a psychic, yet supported me 100%. One night he told me a story I will never forget. He sat in shy bewilderment describing an event that happened to him in North Carolina while he was in the military. He and another man were doing their rounds on the base by Jeep. They were cruising along and on a grassy hill (with a few medium size shrubs) they saw a dark brown large round figure. They approached discussing it together assuming it was a large bear partially behind a shrub. They pulled the Jeep over roadside to watch. The animal/creature was about half way up a large hill maybe 40 yards away from them.

There was a deep dank smell

There was a deep dank smell permeating the air that he expressed he would never forget, and has never smelled since. They turned the spot light from their vehicle towards it to get a better look across the open hilly area to a treed space.  When they did that it stood up on its hind legs and stared at them. They both reeled back in shock. To him and his partner, this was no bear! Its eyes pierced towards the light they were shining on it. Then it turned to its left and swiftly, walking upright. They got in their vehicle, visibly shaken and drove back to the base.

Told to forget it

They told their superior officer about the event and were told to forget it. Told that it was a bear. Advised not to speak of it. Why he felt a need to confess this to me is still a mystery. He has only spoke of it a few times to me since but all these years later, I can say without a shadow of doubt that my friend Scott was not making his story up. I am a natural skeptic of all things paranormal and this is one story I believe. He has no motivation to lie to me, no excitement about his story and it has been consistent since the first time I heard it.

I will never forget the look in his eyes

Until I heard his truth, I remained highly sceptical that these creatures exist, but now I believe there is something out there... something that is not a bear, yet human like. I believe there are far more hoaxes than true sightings. I remain a believer that my friend Scott saw something that does not fit the normal categories of science and I will never forget the look in his eyes when he has spoke of it. Haunting disbelief even of his own experience.

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