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Pets In Spirit by Wendy Till James

Posted by Jon Green on September 19, 2014 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Have you ever had a pet die, an animal who was a companion to you? Did you know that many believe and experience their pets returning from "the other side"?

A pet can come through with familiar footsteps heard down the hall, a sensation of them jumping onto the bed or couch, a familiar feeling of them snuggled with you in your sleep, a bark, meow or whinny off in the distance or another room.

They can dialog with us psychically, as they have while they were alive. They may come and play with a surviving pet or children in the house. There are numerous accounts of people being awakened during sleep by their deceased pet if there is an emergency.

All living things have psychic/intuitive abilities while alive and deceased.

Ghosts/spirits are most often seen through our peripheral vision. (From the corner of the eye) It is easier to see them this way. It is our temptation to turn and look directly at anything we see. Practicing viewing the spirit world this was strengthens your ability to see spirits and ghosts of all kinds.

Your precious pet might visit you in a dream assuring you that they are ok and still with you. They can still protect your family and home. Their ability and ways of contacting us are as unique as they are themselves. Most animals are creatures of habit, and most likely would use familiar behaviours and signs to be in touch with you.

If you want to stimulate your pet-spirit communication skills it is of the utmost importance to KNOW that it is possible. Merely hoping that this could be so is not enough. Meditating on, pondering and focusing your BELIEF is key to opening up. There is no room for fear or doubt in this exercise. Always keep your intent focused completely on your goad - for the highest good - no exceptions.

Visualize, remember and bring all of your senses into alignment. Recall the scent, sight, sound, movements, soulful eyes, what it felt like to physically touch as well as emotionally and spiritually touch your beloved deceased pet in your body, mind and soul. Remind your subconscious of these things. NOW, bring all of that into the present in your heart and thoughts as if they were still here in the physical world right there with you. Create a "now" experience within yourself not a "past" experience.

Once you have been able to do this, invite the pet unconditionally, for the highest good, to come through to you in whatever format THEY choose. Assure them that you are open and receptive to their presence. It is not up to us to tell any spirit how to communicate with us, it is only our roll to invite them to us with out fear or doubt.

Practice this daily.

KNOWING that communication with your beloved pet is possible makes it so.