The Paranormal World

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PARANORMAL WORLD - The fascinating world of the paranormal is one that has kept people in suspense for hundreds of years. Our professional psychic and paranormal enthusiast Wendy James will chat, interview an enlighten on many subjects. Anything that is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding falls into the category of "Paranormal". This hour long show will also take a point/counterpoint approach to all topics. Tune in and enjoy! Feel free to give your impute and show suggestions!

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Wendy Till James

Wendy James has been an International Psychic and holistic practitioner since 1994. She has vast experience with events ranging from parties, festivals, and psychic fairs to lecturing, counselling and teaching. She is trained in numerous oracle and divination techniques with an extensive knowledge of metaphysical studies from diversified and qualified instructors. Wendy holds credentials and titles in many health, holistic and spiritual therapies. This show will benefit from her exceptional training in occult studies, learned techniques from masters, experience as a holistic practitioner and 20 years of providing professional psychic consultations. Wendy has been on the radio and TV numerous times over the past 20+ years. As a paranormal enthusiast, she will chat, interview an enlighten on the expansive subject of the paranormal.

This show is not only going to be entertaining but also interesting. Wendy will have a point/counter point to every topic supporting the need for reason and study of any and all paranormal topics. The intention of the Paranormal World show is to educate, entertain, stimulate your brain, pose questions to your own beliefs and dispel fears.

Wendy teaches Psychic Development, Tarot, Meditation, Tea Leaf Reading, Candle Magic, Journaling and Crystals For Every Day Use. Her services range from psychic consultations using Tarot, Animal Medicine Cards, Stones and Crystals to Tea Leaf. She provides readings both in person and by phone with a strong International client base. Wendy also provides pet psychic readings, Reiki, crystal therapies, life guidance consulting, couples communication services, corporate entertainment, private parties and more.